L.A. Chicken

After reading the raving reviews online about this place’s fried chicken, I invited my other food-loving friend to join me to try this place for lunch. I read that the Spicy one was better so I definitely had to get that one.


We decided to each get a “2-piece combo” which comes with gravy AND fries or salad AND a soft drink for ~$8. I’m not really a gravy person but it must have been good because my friend devoured the whole cup! We got the potato salad and it was passable haha. The fries weren’t as good as other places, but they were decent enough. 

Now onto the main attraction here, the chicken! Each combo comes with a drumstick and a thigh. There is no option to choose the type of chicken meat. The chicken was very crispy and juicy. Like others have said, the spicy one had more taste to it so it was the one I preferred; it was very mildly spicy. Although I haven’t had fried chicken in ages so can’t really compare to other places like KFC and Churches, from what I remember before, it was similar to the offerings at the other places. I noticed afterwards the meal that I didn’t get thirsty, so this is good! 

The place is pretty small with only 3 or 4 small tables and the store is certainly a bit dated, but this place would be good for takeout! Not really somewhere to take your date haha!

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